Craig on the Issues

City and Constituent Services

Residents of Allston Brighton Deserve a City Councilor who will Answer the Call and Fight for the Neighborhood

An integral aspect of a City Councilor’s job is working with constituents on issues that impact their quality of life. Craig will take his 10 years of constituent services experience in the Allston Brighton community to Boston City Hall and work every day to meet the needs of all our neighbors. We all deserve high quality, readily accessible city services.

As our City Councilor, Craig will:

  • Fight to fund City Hall to Go so every day city services are offered in the neighborhood
  • Build a team that delivers the level of constituent services you deserve
  • Work every day for our youth, families, workers, artists, seniors, and businesses.

Planning & Development

We Need a Comprehensive Plan for the Future of Allston and Brighton

Allston Yards, Allston Square, 14-20 Linden Street, 544 Washington Street… the list of too tall, too dense, and too unaffordable projects goes on and on. Development impacts every resident of Allston Brighton, which is why we need to PLAN before we DEVELOP. We need a collaborative approach to planning that guarantees that development teams across the neighborhood are working together to build a sustainable neighborhood. As your city councilor, Craig will ensure that planning and development is done right and respects the integrity and needs of our neighborhood.

As our City Councilor, Craig will:

  • Work to designate Allston Brighton an Interim Planning Overlay District to protect the character of our neighborhood
  • Make sure the zoning code is followed for our existing one, two and three family zones in order to preserve precious housing stock suitable for families
  • Push to expand the community process for smaller projects so that residents can give input, express concerns, and know the project is suitable for neighborhood.


We have a Once in a Generation Opportunity to Provide Housing that is Affordable for All

Boston has outpaced the growth in Massachusetts and seen a 10% increase in population since the 2010 census.  We know that in our neighborhood – a neighborhood that feels the crushing rise in rental cost every September when tens of thousands of students move to Allston Brighton.  It is time City Hall, the universities and the development community commit to building more housing that is affordable for working people, families and our aging community.  As your city councilor, I will advocate for more inclusive housing to assure that the fabric of our neighborhood remains vibrant and diverse.

As our City Councilor, Craig will:

  • Fight to increase the Inclusionary Development Program (IDP) to 20% for all projects and work to reform the lottery process to prioritize those already living and working in Allston Brighton
  • Create a developer funded Community Home Ownership Trust to fund more home ownership opportunities for existing renters in Allston Brighton hoping to buy
  • Pledge to work with the college and universities across Boston to build affordable on-campus housing for their students and propose a potential cap on enrollment based on available on-campus beds.


Main Streets are at a Stand Still and Our Neighborhood Streets are High Speed Cut Throughs due to the WAZING of AMERICA

Our neighborhood is becoming more congested due to the surge of development and a crumbling public transit system. Every day, Metro West Commuters speed through our neighborhood to avoid traffic on the Mass Pike thanks to a GPS app on their phones. This will only get worse with the I-90 project and buildout of Allston Landing. We need to stay in front of this curve and plan accordingly. That involves making the constructing of West Station a primary consideration and not an afterthought. It involves multimodal transportation solutions, so our streets are safe for pedestrians, cyclists, and users of the next wave of micro-mobility devices such as scooters. It also requires a hard look at traffic patterns so the flow of traffic on our streets is reasonable and safe.

As our City Councilor, Craig will:

  • Advocate for traffic calming measures such as resident only access to combat cut through traffic and raised crossings to slow down traffic
  • Collaborate with state officials to bring the MBTA into the 21st century and demand more private funding from wealthy corporations and institutions of higher education who benefit from mass transit improvements
  • Demand a seamless communication process for the duration of the I-90 project and BUILD WEST STATION NOW!


We Must Commit to a Sustainable Future for Allston Brighton

We can all think globally about climate change, but while we have a President who pulls out of the Paris Climate Accords, it comes down to what we can do locally.

As our City Councilor, Craig will:

  • Work to assure that all future development meets Net Zero carbon emissions standards
  • Commit to a citywide fleet that is electric
  • Increase investment in alternative modes of transportation and install solar on city buildings
  • Require more green space for all future development


A City with so Many World Class Colleges and Universities must have World Class Schools for Families

It is time that we stop reorganizing our schools year after year and create a stable environment for families, students, teachers and administrators. If we are going to close the achievement gap, we need to get an “apples to apples” assessment of where our schools succeed and where more attention and resources are needed.

Our neighborhood is home to multiple world-class, and wealthy, institutions of higher education. It is time that those institutions increase their investment locally to assure that our neighborhood schools get that same “World Class” title. Our local colleges and universities must commit to an increasing the number of scholarships for residents and discounted course fees for those in the community looking to advance their education. It is time that those most affected by institutional expansion are given more opportunities by these same institutions that greatly impact their everyday lives.

As our City Councilor, Craig will:

  • Fight for increased access to high-quality early childhood education so our neighborhood remains a neighborhood for families
  • Commit to increased vocational training so our youth can learn a skill and be part of the workforce that is building Boston’s future
  • Make sure that local institutions invest in our schools and create more scholarships and adult education opportunities for residents